Our mission is to bring women together through the literary works of inspiring Christian authors. We seek to provide a positive bond with avid readers, who love Christian fiction. We believe that positive relationships can be formed, and social stigmas can be broken through the reading and discussion of books where real life situations are being depicted, and Christ is glorified.

About Us

Located  in Shreveport, La, L2P was founded in 2011 by Neishataka Dudley and Rekisha Perkins. These ladies met in 2007, when they began working together at a local tele-communications company. These two immediately hit it off, and discovered that they both had a love for books and reading. Ms. Dudley, and Ms. Perkins are both single parents who shared a common bond and some of the same experiences as single parents. They began sharing and swapping books at work and spending their lunch hour discussing them. It was through their love for Christ, and books  that led them to form L2P in order to reach out to other women who are seeking a book club where they can develop life-long friendships, find peace, and praise God through the pages of Christian fiction books.